Monday, August 2, 2010

Rosen Zucker - Rose Sugar

We have lots of roses in our garden blooming all summer in all different colores. Once a year we make our own Rose Sugar.
The rose enhances the flavor of the sugar and makes a beautiful decoration it is great to sweeten a fruitsalad or a cake or just sprinkle a little bit on top of cookies or fresh yogurt.
To make Your own Rose Sugar, use roses that you know have not been sprayed with chemicals. Pick the roses in mid-morning, after the morning moisture is off of them.
You can experiment with the rose colores. Use dark red rose petals for pink Rose Sugar for example.
Dry the rose petals.
Use a mortar
or rub Your dried rosepedals between your fingers until they are fine.
Mix them with sugar and put all together in a preserving jar.