Tuesday, October 18, 2011

How to make a Mud Pie Kitchen

We created this mud pie kitchen in our garden in springtime but now with all the nuts and fruits and acorns and chestnuts found outside it became a very busy place again.
Create the setup:
To create an outdoor mud pie kitchen for your children use whatever You have at hand. You can use old wood boxes, planks and boards or branches, bricks and pieces of wood to make little cupboards, shelfes, closets a cooktop and whatever You need in Your kitchen.
Add some dishes:
We use mainly stainless steel dishes so we can leave them outside and they will not become rusty. Look around in Your Kitchen if You can cast off something You dont need anymore or look around in thrift stores or yardsales to collect some dishes for Your mud pie kitchen.

Add a water place.
and some leaves, dirt, sand, nuts, little brunches, stones, flower petals and whatever Your childen will collect.

and enjoy!