Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Imaginative play & fairy Waldorfdoll and girl hair decoration

We made some Fairy Waldorfdoll and girl hair decoration in beautiful color shades last weekend. Each of them is handmade from different types of wool yarn. The wool strands can be styled with the dolls or girls hair or hang down loose. A small soft holder allows easy attachement as well as removal.

Total length approx. 30 cm for dolls and 60 cm for girls.

The girls size is just perfect for dress up play and they are beautiful in combination with play silks.

Childrens and dolls costumes and dress up accessory invite the kind of imaginative fantasy play which is so important for children. Fantasy and role play engage the imagination. Dress ups are nourishing to the senses and and encourage openended imaginative play. My daughter just loves them in all color shades. I just listed some of them in my shop here.