Monday, December 17, 2012

Plant Dyed Play Cloths, Handpainted Clips, Little Sandbags and a Handmade Birthday Part Two

When I plantdyed the wool felt fabric for the mermaid playmat I did also dye some cotton clothes in different sizes for building and imaginative play. 
My daughter is building castles, farmhouses and everything else she is in need for her play from blankets and cushions and chairs and tables and everthing available around her.
Sometimes it is going to be dangerous for my little son to enter one of her buildings because she is using something heavy to put on the blankets and clothes in order to keep them in place.
The little sandbags are a perfect addition to the building clothes. They are heavy enough to keep everything where it should be and they are soft enough and do not hurt if they fall down on a little ones head. 
I also hand painted some wooden clips using Stockmar Watercolours and crochet some wool laces to make the building set complete.

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