Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Willow Whistle Tutorial

May is the time to make willow whistles, now the branches of the willow trees are perfect. The bark needs to be green so that the meat of the branch is moist. The sound produced with a willow flute relies on the moisture. My father made one willow whistle with and for my children last weekend.

All You need is:
A knife, a litte water and a willow branch.
First find a willow tree branch.
 Cut a small wedge from the branch like on the picture.
 Cut an other small wedge from the branch like on the picture.
Cut a ring around the branch with the tip of your knife.
 Let the branch soak in water for about a minute and make it wet all around. 
Remove the bark. Accomplish this by tapping the branch with the end of your knife as you turn it. Remove the bark by holding the stick tight at one end and twisting the bark. It should crack away from the branch and slide right off.
Enlarge the initial wedge by carving until you have cut halfway through the branch. Add a flat plane just in front of the wedge by shaving the top of the branch smooth. This will form the shape of your mouthpiece.
 Replace the bark again you removed earlier. And enjoy the sound of Your willow whistle.

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