Friday, June 21, 2013

Doll Repair Project

Today I want to share a little story about repairing a damaged doll because it shows how sustainable these dolls are. They can be well loved and repaired over and over again to accompany a child through many many years.
Some years ago I made three Root Children Dolls for three siblings living in Canada. Last week the mama of the three siblings emailed that the cuddle baby got caught in the linens by accident and went through the washer and dryer. His stuffing was all matted into little lumps and his hair was felted. You can see a picture below.
The little boy, who is the owner of this Doll, sleeps with his little Cuddle Baby every night and did not like the way his Cuddle Baby felt now. So the doll was express mailed to me immediately and as soon it arrived I started to repair the little doll. I was happy to see that the little dolls skin was more or less like new, that all the seams were still tight and the head was in a very good shape after going through this kind of rough qality test.
I did remove the old felted stuffing and stuffed the doll with new lambswool roving 
After that I sewed new lambswool hair onto the head.
New rosy cheeks, and et voila, the Baby looks almost like new!