Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Lantern Paper Making Tutorial - Leaf Frottage

Yesterday we made new lantern paper for our seasonal lanterns this year. I would like to share the technique we use for our paper since I was asked several times in the past how to make the leaf paper for the lanterns in my Waldorf Paper Lantern Tutorial.
We use a technique called  frottage. 
All you need is:
Varying autumn leafs, not crinkly and as flat as possible
Normal drawing paper
Wax Crayonsblocks for example by Stockmar

Simply place your paper over the leafs You have collected, making sure there are no warps or bends in the paper. You may want to use some masking tape to secure your paper so that it doesn't move around under rigorous rubbing but You can also simply hold the paper with one hand. Using the broadest area of your wax crayon blocks, begin gently rubbing over your surface.
Change the positon of the leaf under the paper or just add different leafs and repeat rubbing over your surface with different colors.
I really like this technique because it is so simple, not much equipment is needed and even small children have much fun with it.

The paper can be used not only for lantern making. We use it
as wall decoration, gift wrap paper or for making greeting cards from it.