Monday, March 17, 2014

New Mama Welcome Pack

I am so honored to be a part of the amazing group of women who helped create 

Because when a baby is born, so is a mama.

Catherine Redfern approached me a little while ago about contributing to a new project she was working on called “New Mama Welcome Pack”. She was getting together a group of experts from all areas of parenting to create the perfect gift for a new mum or mum to be. I was delighted that my artwork is involved.

The New Mama Welcome Pack is your guilt busting, empowering, cheer-leading support package, offering love, inspiration, wisdom, encouragement and reassurance to get you through the difficult newborn days.

Catherine has gathered over 60 inspirational authors, artists, therapists and mothers, from 13 different countries, who have contributed ebooks, videos, printables and more to help new mums to get through those all important first few months. It’s bursting with digital goodies, to uplift, inspire and support you as you embark on this new stage in your life.

It’s all delivered straight to your inbox over three months; to support you when the daily reality of motherhood starts to really hit home, but if you don’t get chance to read everything immediately you have access to the resources forever. The New Mama Welcome Pack supports You to journey through the newborn phase with confidence; feeling proud, supported, celebrated, joyful, comfortable with this new part of your identity and navigating your new life, in your own way.

It includes:
    •    Contributions from 60+ artists, writers, bloggers, 
         and many gorgeous and generous  creative women
    •    3 months of inspiration, love and support when you need it most
    •    Videos, audios, articles, ebooks, printables, artwork and more
    •    Yours to keep and access whenever you need to
    •    10 audios worth £55.78
    •    2 courses worth £43.37
    •    28 videos worth £47.00
    •    5 printables (art, planners, worksheets) worth £25.38
    •    12 ebooks worth £44.45
    •    44 insightful, practical and heartfelt articles 
         delivered to you over three months; worth £58.02

Making the value of the pack £274 and it can be yours for only £89.

You also get:
    •    Transcriptions of all videos and audio files – in case you can’t listen while baby is sleeping!
    •    Generous discount offers on many of our contributors’ other products and services
    •    10% of profits will be given to Maternity Worldwide. This charity works for a world where every mother, wherever she lives, is able to give birth safely and without fear.
If you would like more information about the pack please click this link and take a look at the full details.