Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Dollskin and Price Transparency

The last weeks my stock of doll skin fabric has become less and less and it was time to order some new. It was always very important for me to only work with the best materials available. I spend a lot of time doing reseach to find and get the best fabrics, the best woolstuffing, the best yarns for my dolls.
Unfortunatly the best dollskin, which is made in Switzerland and which is tested and reviewed since many years as the very best available for the purpose of Waldorfdoll making, was always expensive but has become even more expensive since I ordered the last time. The prize has increased more than 30 % up to 41 USD per meter, including customs and shipping. 
I decided to pay the higher price and not to change the manufacturer of the dollskin fabric in order to provide best quality to my customers which means that the price of my dolls will rise slightly within the upcoming days.