Thursday, June 12, 2014

Emerald Green Dolls

Not very often but sometimes in the past, one of my customers requested a Cuddle Doll or a Babies Doll made of green cotton velvet. I must confess I am not easily satisfied when choosing fabrics and colors for my work and I could not find a green cotton velvet fabric in the quality and color fitting my needs since a long time.
But then I found this one. And it immediately reminded me of dark green emeralds. 
I have a close link to emeralds and found one myself in Austrias Habachtal in the High Tauern which is the only spot where emeralds can be found in Europe and where I have been in the summers with my family since I was a child.
 This is the first doll made of the new emerald green cotton velvet it is available here and here