Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Waldorf Cuddle Doll EBook - the best doll for a baby is a mama made doll!

I my opinion the best doll for a baby is a mama made doll. I just created a new Cuddle Doll Design in my Studio and since the making of this little doll is very suitable for beginners I decided to prepare a  Ebook for the making of this little baby cuddle doll.
I did like the work on this Ebook a lot and so it became the first one of more doll making Ebooks to come. I is a professional laid out, step by step tutorial containing over 50 pictures and detailed descriptions as well as explanations of the most important sewing techniques for doll making.
It also contains a lot of information about the meaning of doll play and about materials for doll making.

Through my own experience of many years of doll making I know how difficult it can be to find and get proven materials of good, fair trade and organic quality for doll making. So I decided to offer a suitable doll making kit for the Cuddle Doll EBook which will be available soon in three beautiful colors: rose, seeblau and moosgrün. All fabrics in this kit have a beautiful texture and are GOTS - Global Organic Textile Standard and fair trade.

The Cuddle Doll EBook is beeing completed in german version in the next days and will be translated in english version professionaly and launched in the upcoming weeks.