Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Get one Free Material Kit & One Free Ebook in German Looking for creative people to test the New Baby Cuddle Doll Ebook

I just completed the New Baby Cuddle Doll Ebook in its german version. 28 Pages in total including lots of detailed information, pictures and basic knowledge about doll making. I did hand out the Ebook to some friends and colleagues asking for feedback and made modifications and adjustments according to their suggestions.

But before I will hand it out to the professional english translation I want to give away one free Material Kit and one Ebook in german for someone who is willing to sew this doll (as soon as the material kit arrives) and gives detailed feedback to me.

Thank You very much for Your Emails! The Material Kit is already on the way to Ann-Kathrin.

The Material Kit is available in three beautiful color shades:
Rose, Moosgrün and Seeblau

It contains:
One piece of organic GOTS certificated cotton nicki fabric for the dolls body
One piece of organic GOTS certificated cotton doll skin for the dolls head
3 Meter cotton tying string for sculpting the head
A small piece of fabric with red beeswax crayon on it for rosy cheeks
Pure carded wool for the stuffing

If You want to receive the free Material Kit and the Ebook and give feedback please send a email: Knecht-Ruprecht(at)gmx.at