Wednesday, November 4, 2015

New organic Snuggle Dolls

A lot of new Snuggle Dolls with a soft cuddly body and a pixie hat made of GOTS certified organic cotton are available in my shop now.

A snuggle doll is a good choice for a first doll. It has a soft, cuddly body and a pixie hat, and it can easily be taken along everywhere. It can be wrapped in its own cuddly body fabric and thus be in bed, and it takes on trusted, comforting scents to have nearby where ever one goes.

An old piece of wisdom from a midwife:  When a mother carries a Snuggle-Dolly with her; at best, next to her skin before giving it to the baby, it has a calming influence.

Knecht Ruprecht Snuggle Doll are filled with pure wool fleece which is naturally antibacterial, self-cleaning and is not easily flammable, to name but a few of its advantages. The wool takes on the body heat of the child and returns it in kind, giving it a living feeling.

Only the most exquisite materials made from all natural fibers and organic materials are used. I use GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified organic velour fabric made from pure cotton for the body and the cap. I fill the head and body part with pure wool fleece. The head is sculpted in the traditional Waldorf style and facial features are hand embroidered with GOTS certified organic cotton thread.

The soft 100% cotton doll tricot skin is approved in accordance with the Oeko-Tex Standard 100, Class 1 certification. It is made in Switzerland and it is a very high quality fabric which is used and approved since years for the purpose of Waldorf Doll making. This fabric is very resistant and allows a long lifetime of the dolls I make.

Nearly all wool and felt materials used for my dolls are coming from the local farmers collective Manufaktur Haslach. This Collective supports different rare and endangered species of sheep and organic farming, no pesticides or chemicals are used. The wool is only washed with soda, mild soap and warm water.