Monday, February 13, 2017

This years first Willow Catkin Dolls - Pussy Willow Dolls

Last week we found the first Willow catkins in our garden and I got some brand new organic soft gray cotton niki fabric in the mail. This fabric and the poem about willow catkins by Christian Morgenstern inspired me to make some new Willow Catkin Dolls:

Die Weidenkätzchen

Kätzchen, ihr, der Weide,
wie aus grauer Seide,
wie aus grauem Samt!
O ihr Silberkätzchen,
sagt mir doch, ihr Schätzchen,
sagt, woher ihr stammt.
"Wollen's gern dir sagen:
Wir sind ausgeschlagen
aus dem Weidenbaum;
haben winterüber
drin geschlafen, Lieber,
in tieftiefem Traum."
In dem dürren Baume
in tieftiefem Traume
habt geschlafen ihr?
In dem Holz, dem harten,
war, ihr weichen, zarten,
euer Nachtquartier?
"Mußt dich recht besinnen:
Was da träumte drinnen,
waren wir noch nicht,
wie wir jetzt im Kleide
blühn von Samt und Seide
hell im Sonnenlicht.
Nur als wie Gedanken
lagen wir im schlanken
grauen Baumgeäst;
unsichtbare Geister,
die der Weltbaumeister
dort verweilen läßt."
Kätzchen, ihr, der Weide,
wie aus grauer Seide,
wie aus grauem Samt!
O ihr Silberkätzchen,
ja, nun weiß, ihr Schätzchen,
ich, woher ihr stammt!

New Willow Pussy Dolls are available here

All Knecht Ruprecht Cuddle Babies are very soft and cuddly and individual handmade in Austria with love and great attention to detail. Only the most exquisite materials made from all natural fibers and organic materials where possible are used. 

Its head is sculpted in the traditional Waldorf style and its facial features are hand embroidered. It features a jumpsuit and a cap made of organic GOTS certified cotton velvet. All Knecht Ruprecht Cuddle Dolls are soft to the touch and stuffed with 100% organic washed and carded wool.  

The soft 100% cotton doll tricot skin is available in five different shades from Marzipan to Chocolate and is approved in accordance with the Oeko-Tex Standard 100, Class 1 certification. It is made in Switzerland and it is a very high quality fabric which is used and approved since years for the purpose of Waldorf Doll making. This fabric is very resistant and allows a long lifetime of the dolls I make. 

Nearly all wool and felt materials used for my dolls are coming from the local farmers collective Manufaktur Haslach. This Collective supports different rare and endangered species of sheep and organic farming, no pesticides or chemicals are used. The wool is only washed with soda, mild soap and warm water. 

Each Knecht Ruptrecht Doll is made in a smoke free and pet free environment with love and great attention to detail. Each and every doll I make is unique and handmade by myself. 

When cuddled, a wool stuffed doll takes on the warmth of the body, making it come "alive." The appearance is intentionally simple in order inspire imagination and to strengthen creativity. 

"As the child nurtures & mothers the doll, he is - not simply metaphorically but also in reality - caring for himself. It is important therefore, that we offer a doll that closely resembles him/her, not so much in features but rather in proportion. The child's "felt experience" of the doll will remain with him/her. So let's keep the doll simple, proportional & tactilely truthful."

Words by Shariffa Oppenheimer in regards to Waldorf dolls.

All Knecht Ruprecht Dolls are hand washable. Please find doll care instructions here: