Monday, March 6, 2017

Spring Nature Table

Finally Spring!
 "The nature table allows the changes that are taking place in the natural world to be given expression indoors. The figures and items on the table depict the essence of what is happening in nature. Creating and maintaining a nature table will sharpen your observation of what goes on in nature from your adult consciousness. Young children do not knowingly study nature but they are nevertheless unconsciously aware of its laws. The important aspect of a nature table as it relates to children is that the child is able to connect with the objects and the scene depicted on the table. First, the search for objects in nature help both parents and child connect to and live in accordance with the rhythm of the seasons. We are no longer just a part of time forward but we are experiencing deeply a piece of the season. When we as parents bring the external world indoors, children learn to appreciate the many ways in which nature is at work in their surroundings." Jennifer Saleem⠀